Shaunagh grew up in and around the beautiful town of Dartmouth in Devon.

At 16, following her O levels, she went to live with a family in California for a year. On returning to England she attended the Technical College in Torquay undertaking a pre-degree course in Art and Design. Unfortunately, due to family circumstances, she did not complete the course. Shaunagh spent 3 years living in New Zealand and later was fortunate to travel to other amazing countries including Vietnam, Thailand and Australia.

She did not pick up a pencil or paintbrush for many years. The thought of painting again never went away but work and personal life did not provide the opportunity so to do.

In 2003 she met Fred whom she married the following year. With his encouragement she began to draw and paint again. Able to turn her hand to most subjects it was by undertaking a distant learning diploma course in Children’s Book Illustration with the London Art College in 2007 that Shaunagh found what she loved best – fantasy. Having read The Hobbit when she was 7 years old (and spent many years thereafter in Middle Earth), she had now rediscovered her love of fairy folk and dragons.

With an eye for detail, Shaunagh uses mainly pen and ink, pencil and watercolour as these best suit her style. Her favourite artists are Leonardo Da Vinci, Arthur Rackham and Aubrey Beardsley.

So, if you would like a sign board for your pub or shop, a drawing of your favourite pet, a card design for a special person or business, or some illustrations for your new book, do get in touch.



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